Frequently Asked Questions

Do you adopt out of state?

Yes, but we do not ship or transport.  You would need to come to us, after an approved adoption application.


Do you take in animals other than dogs and cats?

Yes, AHAR also rescues exotics, reptiles, small and furry, birds, and so much more.  We are also a licensed wildlife rehabilitation rescue, taking in orphaned wildlife babies.


If the animal I adopt is not spayed /neutered yet , am I required to do so?

Yes, absolutely, as stated in your contract or you will be fined – and the animal taken back, but you are given sufficient time to do so.  We also recommend low-cost spay-neuter certificates like those from Friends Of Animals.


If the pet I adopt doesn’t work out do I get my fee refunded?

You have a 3 day trial period in which you can be refunded if returned in that time frame, however after 3 days there is no refund.  If it doesn’t work out, the pet must be returned to our rescue and not given away, sold, or rehomed.


Is pet microchipped?

No, at this time we do not provide micro chipping in-house, however we can recommend low-cost facilities who do so. We highly recommend doing this within 48 hours of adopting your new pet.


What are your hours?

We are a rescue – not a shelter, therefore visits are made by appointment only after an application has been submitted and approved. Once approved, you’ll be contacted by email with options of appointment times. Any appointment more than 15 minutes late is considered forfeited.


Does your rescue take on surrendered pets?

Yes, but will depend on the animal in question – and whether or not we have space for it. If the pet in question is not spayed/neutered or current on vaccines there will be a surrender fee.


What is your adoption process?

It’s quite simple, when you are a pet you are interested in just fill out the automated application here on our website.  Once the application has been reviewed and approved, you would then make an appointment to see that particular pet.  In most cases, if it’s a good match the pet can go home with you the same day!


Do you accept donations of gently used sheets/towels/blankets?

Yes, absolutely! AHAR has a donation bin at the bottom of our driveway where items can be dropped off anytime. We also accept heating pads, baby gates, baby playards, wading pools, carpets, rugs, crockery, any pet supplies, and so much more.


What Breed is my dog?

Our breed guesses are usually just that – guesses, but there are always exceptions to that rule (when we know the parents, which happens on rare occasion) so if you’re dying to know the exact DNA work up of your adopted angel, we recommend purchasing an Embark DNA kit post adoption. If you use our special code here – you’ll get $40 off AND $20 will come to our rescue! Win/win! *If this code is expired and you are in need of a new one, email our volunteer Chloé for a new one.